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Monday, September 10, 2012

Product Review - FlashPals

Have your heard of FlashPals before?

''FlashPals were created when Doug Stienstra’s girlfriend at the time wanted a “cute” flash drive for her birthday. He couldn’t find one.  What he found was too boring and technology was far too dull.  So he thought; why not add some life to those plain USB flash drives everyone uses?  And that's when FlashPals were born. Stienstra started making the world’s cutest flash drives, from his living room. His girlfriend loved them. Her friends loved them. Her friend’s friends loved them… little did Stienstra know at the time, a very unique new business had just been born.''

I was lucky enough to be contacted by FlashPals to test out these OH SO CUTE Flash drives!!

Meet my new buddies Jack The Giraffe and Zena the Zebra:

They arrived in cute little tube packaging:

As soon as my daughters saw them, they flipped out with excitement.  They immediately claimed them for their own.  Gabrielle adopted Jack and Emanuelle is madly in love with Zena.   I had to pry them away from my daughters to take photos of them. And of course they stayed right beside me during the whole process to make sure I didn't hurt them. Gabrielle says Jack is perfect to store her photos and to bring school-work to school.  Emanuelle has adopted Zena however she's too little to use it, I told her I would use Zena until she's old enough to use it.

They are really that adorable,very soft and very well-made!  They also have a key chain attachment which is always useful!  When I plugged the flash drive into the computer, a little red light flashed to say it was plugged in... it looks like it's their little heart.  You should have seen Emanuelle's eyes when she saw that little red light... she thought it was alive. hehe I was quite surprised to see the special *.pdf document that was already on each of the FlashPals.  Jack had a document with fun facts about Giraffes and Zena had fun facts about Zebras.  I had lots of fun reading these facts with my girls.

When you purchase Jack you can also donate to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation!

**BTW, as I am typing this post Gabrielle is making clothes for these little guys. hehe**

Hope you are having a great day!

Disclosure:  I was not compensated for this post, however I received these products for free to review.    The opinions in this post are 100% my own.

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